NOW is available at Big C Ho Chi Minh City
08 MAY, 2020

Big C is pleased to accompany NOW to expand the online shopping model for our dear customers at 9 stores in Ho Chi Minh City. READ MORE


16 AUG, 2019

Tidying up your living space will no longer be a tedious task thanks to these super simple tasks that Big C will show you today. Stay tuned! READ MORE

14 AUG, 2019

DIY recipes to make nutrient-dense detox smoothies to lose weight fast and cleanse your body of toxins. READ MORE

01 AUG, 2019

Big C has zoomed in on 10 different types of fruits and vegetables. Can you guess what they are in this awesome quiz? READ MORE

31 JUL, 2019

The incessant rains of Saigon are bringing unpleasant and damp odours to your home? Don’t hesitate to apply these super cool deodorizing tips from Big C! READ MORE

25 JUL, 2019

A chance to shop with no stop while receiving cashbacks. Only at Big C! READ MORE

24 JUL, 2019

As the chain turned 21 this year, Big C organized grand celebrations across the country along with shocking promotions. READ MORE

12 JUL, 2019

Life is so busy that you often buy food to store in the refrigerator for months. However, are you storing food properly? READ MORE

10 JUL, 2019

Big C & GO! seeks to promote Binh Thuan dragon fruits through Binh Thuan Dragon Fruit Week READ MORE

04 JUL, 2019

Sáng ngày 4/7 Thứ trưởng Bộ Công Thương Đỗ Thắng Hải đã có buổi làm việc với với ông Philippe Broianigo, Tổng Giám đốc điều hành Tập đoàn Central Group Việt Nam. Buổi làm việc có sự có mặt của Đại sứ Đặc mệnh Toàn quyền Vương quốc Thái Lan tại Việt Nam Tanee Sangrat, đại diện Hiệp hội Dệt may Việt Nam và các bên liên quan. READ MORE