Impressive nutritional value and health benefits of Big C’s Vegetables
21 FEB, 2020

We are here to give you reasons why you must load your grocery bag with these healthy vegetables the next time you go veggie-shopping at Big C. READ MORE


17 JAN, 2020

Tết is the time for parties and for unrestrained eating. How does one balance one’s diet and nutritional intake when Spring arrives? Let’s explore with Big C! READ MORE

16 JAN, 2020

Big C is announcing its holiday schedule. READ MORE

13 JAN, 2020

If you want to get your home really clean before Tet, now is the time to start cleaning! READ MORE

03 JAN, 2020


03 JAN, 2020


31 DEC, 2019

As the price of pork and pork products is still soaring, Big C commits to selling pork at zero profit from 28 December to Lunar New Year. READ MORE

27 DEC, 2019

If you are looking for effective ways of changing your life for the better, try these 4 doable tips from Big C for lasting changes in 2020. READ MORE

21 DEC, 2019

Today, Big C will introduce you to 3 unique dishes for Christmastime. READ MORE

13 DEC, 2019

Big C offers ways to bring the merry, bright and fresh spirits into your cozy home. READ MORE

09 DEC, 2019

With these 4 amazing pots and pans, you will be able to handle every single dish there is with ease! Let’s check them out! READ MORE

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