3 Super Healthy Dishes for Tết
17 JAN, 2020

Tết is the time for parties and for unrestrained eating. How does one balance one’s diet and nutritional intake when Spring arrives? Let’s explore with Big C! READ MORE


03 JAN, 2020


30 DEC, 2019

Say hello to a brand new year with amazing deals from Big C! READ MORE

09 JAN, 2020

It's time to receive lucky money from Big C for a wholesome Tet season! READ MORE

16 JAN, 2020

Big C is announcing its holiday schedule. READ MORE

27 DEC, 2019

If you are looking for effective ways of changing your life for the better, try these 4 doable tips from Big C for lasting changes in 2020. READ MORE

15 JUL, 2018

Being grew near the plains between the serene beaches of Golden Bay and the rugged Takaka Hills, New Zealand apple has such an adorable look, attractive from the very first bite. READ MORE

16 JUL, 2018

On 8/7, at Big C Thang Long Supercenter (222 Tran Duy Hung, Ha Noi), the announcement event of campaign “Golden Birthday – Thousand sharing” held by Central Group and Unilever, with the participation of many Big C customers spread a very meaningful message and mission to improve the sanitation system for rural students. READ MORE

16 JUL, 2018

Big C and Vietcombank have just cooperate to launch a brand new campaign, in which customers will get unlimited 10% cashback to every purchase at Big C when paying by Vietcombank credit card.  READ MORE

27 AUG, 2018

Up to 10% cashback on valid transactions when shopping at Big C supermarket using HSBC Visa Cash Back from 17/08/2018 to 15/11/2018, with maximum refund value is 200,000 VND/ month/cardholder for all spending transactions. READ MORE

05 SEP, 2018

Big C now cooperates with SeABank to offer shoppers promotion with content that cash back 10% when payment by SeABank credit card and the lucky draw to receive "extreme Big” gifts. READ MORE

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