5 Interesting Facts About Fruits
NOV 2019
5 Interesting Facts About Fruits

Fruits, parts of a plant that contains the seeds, are usually sweet, refreshing, tasty, high in fiber, fewer in calories, fat, and contain no cholesterol. They are also power-packed with various vital nutrients such as vitamin E, C, potassium, which are of great importance for your overall well-being. Consumption of fruits on a regular basis can boost the immune system which keeps diseases a  bay. Consuming more fruits also keeps your digestive system function properly,  helping you more agile, healthy and fit. Here are 5 fun facts about fruits that you never knew.

#1. A Japanese melon costs more than an average car

Yubari melon, the world's most expensive fruit, was sold at $24,000 per pair in Sapporo, Japan early this year. This juicy and orange melon is highly prized for its renowned sweetness.

#2. Strawberries wear their seeds on the outside and have more vitamin C than oranges

One strawberry has an average of around 200 seeds on the outside and contains more vitamin C than an average orange. Oranges are not even in the top ten list of common fruits when it comes to vitamin C levels.

#3. Fruit peels, to throw or not to throw away?

Do you know that many fruits such as apples, tomatoes, and blueberries, a good percentage of nutrition is actually stored in the skin? For example, the skin of an apple holds about half of the apple's overall dietary fiber content, the peel of cucumber also contains most of its vitamin K.Thus, consuming the (soft, edible, clean) fruit peels with the pulps can boost your total intake of these nutrients, do not throw away the goodness.

#4. All the bananas we eat are cloned from a single banana plant in southeast Asia

Fresh bananas are high in nutrients, ridiculously good for your health, and available year-round in Vietnam. Being cloned from a Southeast Asia banana, every single banana is exactly the same banana.

#5. Watermelon can prevent dehydration


As drinking a lot of caffeine, vigorous exercising, and scorching hot weather are the leading causes of dehydration. Just eating watermelons which are made up of 92% water could effectively aid your body in preventing dehydration. Watermelon is the superstar hydrating fruit. Fun fact: Have you ever worried that watermelons will grow in your belly if you swallow the seeds? In fact, the watermelon seeds are really rich in protein, zinc, as well as magnesium, so eating these nutritious seeds are good for you too.

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