Top 4 Gift Ideas for Women’s Day
MAR 2020
Top 4 Gift Ideas for Women’s Day

1. A bouquet of fresh flowers - Classic yet romantic gifts ever

When in doubt, opt for a bouquet of flowers 

When it comes to shopping around for gifts for 8/3, nothing is more beautiful and organic than a fresh bouquet of flow- which will surely bring a smile to her face in the most classic way! While flower orders can sometimes get pricey around this time of year, Big C's fresh flower section offers reasonably priced flowers which could last within a week, and you know significant others don't want you wasting your money. When in doubt, opt for flowers. 

2. Jewelry- charming gifts just for her

Come hang out with your girls, then shop for new favorite jewelry on this Women’s Day.

Personalized jewelry is an incredible gift that is very meaningful and appropriate for all women. It makes us feel special, loved and cared for, and can be a great Women's Day present. Whether it’s a beautiful ring, necklace, earring, watch or other jewelry pieces. You can choose to engrave names, birth dates or coordinates of special places which will add meaning to the gift and make it more valuable from a sentimental standpoint.

3. Eco-friendly gifts for Women’s Day

As you’re giving eco-friendly gifts, you’re helping to make a difference on Women’s Day 2020

Women's Day is also a perfect time for inspiring friends and family to live more sustainably. Here are some suggestions from Big C:

Stainless Steel Water Bottle and straws: this does not only sidestep the need for single-use plastic water bottles, but it also keeps your drink cold for up to 3-5 hours.

Stainless steel bento lunch box: Ready to say goodbye to single-use plastic baggies and other plastic/ styrofoam food containers that can leach harmful chemicals into food. Stay safe and healthy.


4.  Gift voucher- a practical way to show your love


A gift voucher is the best practical gifts for Women’s Day 8th March

If you are struggling to decide on what to get for that special someone? How about giving them the gift of choice with a gift voucher that helps them to pick their perfect present. You can buy a cosmetic, fragrant, skincare or spa Gift Voucher for your loved ones, or you even could load up a Big C Gift Voucher (with any amount from 100.000 VND to 500.000 VND) is good to use at nearly 40 Big C supermarkets around Vietnam. As she won't splurge on the pampering regimen she deserves, now is your time to treat her to some self-care.

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