The journey of blueberry to Big C
AUG 2020
The journey of blueberry to Big C
Blueberry has been dubbed the "maintain longevity" fruit because of its health-promoting properties. For women, this fruit is good for skin, against aging and weight loss. Big C has been attracted by the benefits of blueberries, so it was imported and being sold at promotional prices for everyone to enjoy this nutritious fruit. However, did you wonder about the quality of blueberries in Big C or how the transportation is? Today, Big C will reveal to everyone the following stages of planting, harvesting, and transportation of this fruit:

Blueberry was grown mainly in North America and then expanded to Mexico, New Zealand, even in African countries began to cultivate. On farms, farmers will apply an automatic irrigation system according to the established program, to help stabilize the quality of blueberries. In addition, they also use a special method of chasing birds, that is using eagles. A Blueberry garden will have 1 to 2 eagles and their mission is flying around for inspection.

When Blueberry is in the harvest time, farmers will wash their hands thoroughly with antiseptic water before picking the ripe blueberries and set them aside. After three manual harvests, they will proceed to use a specialized vehicle to harvest the last blueberries.

Next, blueberry will be moved to the checking department. All stages will be implemented by the machine and the person. Finally, the blueberries will be packed into individual packages and transported by the refrigerated truck to the supermarket. And for export, Blueberry will be packaged and drained of air inside to sterilize and keep the fruit fresh.

This is the process of transporting Blueberry to Big C, Big C Sister guess that you will be more assured of the quality of blueberries - a fruit friendly to our health and beauty.

Come to Big C now to enjoy the delicious blueberries. Big C's sister is waiting for everyone!