Quiz: Are you an expert in using kitchen knives?
MAY 2019
Quiz: Are you an expert in using kitchen knives?

A quick quiz with multiple-choice questions will help to reveal your knife skills and provide extra tips for you to maximize its durability!     

Let’s discover with Big C!

1/ Which of the criteria below should you take into consideration when choosing a kitchen knife?

A.  Heat resistance

B. Bearing capacity

C. Easy to clean

D. All of these above


2/ Which of these below is the correct one?

3/ According to you, which of these functions below belong to this knife?

A. Chopping, dicing, and mincing
B. Cutting bones and large meat
C. Cutting fruit


4/ Which one is correct?

A. Use whatever knife to cut random food

B. Use the right knife for the right food


5/ What keeps the blade away from rust?

A. Cooking oil

B. Ginger

C. Both of them


6/ Should we place knives under the sun or on fire for a long time after washing or before use?

A. Yes

B. No


1D - Kitchen knives are used to cut all the fresh and cooked, hot and cold food. In the modern kitchen, they are cleaned in the dishwasher. Therefore, to maximize the durability of them under all conditions of use, you need to choose knife material carefully. The highly recommended material of many chefs and home cooks are stainless steel.  

2C - Hold the blade by your thumb and first finger, while the rest are gripping under the handle. It gives you the highest strength and flexibility to cut tough food.   

3A - This is Santoku knife with the special design on its blade, which help to reduce friction and food sticking on to it. Santoku is used for chopping, dicing, and mincing small to medium-sized food.

4B - Except for chef knife which is designed for various purposes, all knives should be used according to its functions. Using the wrong knife cutting the wrong food will reduce the durability.

5C - To prevent rust, you can scrub a little cooking oil or ginger on the blade. Then wash thoroughly with warm water and leave it dry.  

6A - Place knife on fire or under the sun for a long time can affect its material, thus reducing its durability.