Guess the Close-Up Fruit and Veg!
AUG 2019
Guess the Close-Up Fruit and Veg!

Big C has zoomed in on 10 different types of fruits and vegetables. Can you guess what they are in this awesome quiz?

Fruit and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet, as they are good sources of fibre, as well as having lots of essential vitamins and minerals. The structures of the various fruits and vegetables are actually incredible when you examine them close up. Take a look at the following close-up images, and see if you can guess what they are. Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and give it a try, then check your answers at the end of the article. 

#1: Wow! This is pretty close up. What might this be a photo of?


#2: Fruit or veggies. What could this be?

#3: You don’t have to think too hard about this one. Can you identify this food?

#4: It’s a great source of both fiber and beta-carotene. Can you identify this food?

#6: Look at the stem only, guess the name of this imported fruit. What is this fruit called?

#7: What fruit is pictured here?


#8: Not only is it delicious but it’s insanely good for you. What is this fruit called?

#9: What’s this white and green food?

#10: Everything is not what it seems! Can you tell what this is a photo of?

Check out the answer keys below to see how many questions you have answered correctly!


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