4 extremely useful pots and pans for your kitchen
DEC 2019
4 extremely useful pots and pans for your kitchen

Pots and pans are the top essential utensils in your kitchen, as everyone uses them to cook for the whole family. However, did you know that if you use the right kinds of pots and pans, the dishes will be much more delicious and you will spend much less time cooking? Let’s explore the world of pots and pans with Big C!

Frying pans

Frying pans, true to their namesake, are used almost exclusively for frying and, sometimes, grilling foods. These pans usually have a diameter of 22cm, long handle, and no lid. When buying a frying pan, you should choose the ones with firm handles and reasonable thickness as these features help the heat to be distributed more evenly, helping to make the food tastier.

Stir-fry pans

Stir-fried dishes are getting more and more popular because they can still retain the freshness of the ingredients without costing a lot of time. When you buy your stir-fry pan, it’s important to choose the ones with a deep and rounded bottom along with high walls so that the cooking oil and the food can stay focused in one area. Pans with a deep and rounded bottom will also prevent oil splatters.


Pots come in different shapes and sizes to help you cook the perfect meal for your family. For the most part, pots are used for soup dishes and come with a lid. When buying a pot, you should take into account its material, as different materials have different heat conductivity. For example, aluminum and brass pots have much higher heat conductivity than inox ones. This means that aluminum and brass pots catch heat much quicker and spread it much more evenly than inox pans. For that reason, Big C would advise you to buy aluminum and brass pots!

Cast-iron pots

Cast-iron pots are made mostly from iron and carbon. They have a great heat-retaining property, making it suitable for soups and casseroles. Cast-iron pots are a very versatile cooking utensil, as their flat and heavy bottom means that they can be used in cooking with ovens. They can be used to cook a wide variety of dishes and can stand high heat. Finally, they are all non-stick.

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