What your style of holding mobile phone reveal about yourself?
FEB 2019
What your style of holding mobile phone reveal about yourself?

>>> The way you hold and use your smartphone reveals a lot about your personalities. Let's see what the quiz says about you.

Psychologists said that our daily unconscious habits can silently reveal our personalities. Your style of holding the phone is one of those habits. Let's try this test to know what you can discover about yourself.



Choose A - You are independent and an adventure lover

If you hold the phone firmly with one hand and use the other thumb to swipe, you are an independent and strong person. At work, you are adventurous and assertive in every situation, which earns you lots of valuable opportunities and experiences. People love you because of your enthusiasm and the willingness to help and share if needed. Besides being a straightforward person, you are quite reserved in communication and behavior, which gives you a certain distance from the public.





Choose B - ‘Romantic’ and ‘sensitive’ are the adjectives to describe you

You often use one hand to hold your phone while the thumb is swiping the screen? The habit reveals that you are a delicate, romantic person with a sensitive soul. You are fond of maintaining a positive, happy living attitude and spreading the vibe to people around as well. However, you have a hard time stabilizing your emotions. Being nostalgic sometimes causing you to miss good opportunities.





Choose C - High sensitivity and adaptability are your advantages

If you use the phone with both hands, you are usually acumen, smart, and have an adorable work processing speed. You quickly adapt to changes. Your job performance under changes is higher compared to others. However, you also suffer from quick decisions with little consideration, especially in social relationships.





Choose D - This personality test reveals a true leader

If you hold the phone with one hand and use the other index finger to swipe the screen, you are very creative. Your head is filled with ideas and you always try to bring them to life. Besides creativeness, the test shows that you have good ambitions and leadership. However, you enjoy being alone rather than gathering in crowded places. People love you because of your peaceful personality and your interesting stories.


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