What is the maximum food storage time for refrigerators?
JUL 2019
What is the maximum food storage time for refrigerators?

>>>Life is so busy that you often buy food to store in the refrigerator for months. However, are you storing food properly?

People often have a habit of storing food in the refrigerator, from leftovers, fresh food or vegetables, tubers, and even fruits that are "thrown" into the refrigerator and taken out gradually. But, you know, this habit poses many risks to your health. In particular, if you do not have the knowledge to preserve foods on time and store them properly, this is even more disastrous.

For that reason, you should definitely check out Big C’s table below, which shows you the maximum storage time for some common foods, to help protect your and your family’s health.

Maximum food storage time for refrigerators:

  1. Storage time for foods
  2. Which foods should stay away from the freezer compartment?

​​​​1.  Storage time for foods

Refrigerators not only help to prolong food preservation time but also save a lot of time buying food for busy housewives. However, this is not the safest food storage method for your family, as it also contains many risks to your health if you do not know how to use it properly.

Each food will have a different storage time during which all nutrients are retained inside the food. Check out Big C’s table below to know your foods’ storage time.


  Kind of food Detailed description Storage time at -18 degrees Celsius (freezer) How to preserve food
Meat Pork ribs 4 - 6 months To preserve raw meat, you should clean it before putting it in the freezer. There should be  many layers of sealing to prevent the meat from being over-frozen, leading to dehydration or colors and flavors change.
Roast pork 4 - 12 months
Beef tenderloin 6-12 months
Beef ribs 4 - 6 months
Grilled beef 12 months
Chicken 12 months
Split chicken 9 months
BBQ Chicken 4 months
Fried breaded chicken 13 months
Ground pork 3-4 months
Deer meat, venison 3-4 months
Smoked bacon 3-4 months
Ham 2 months
Sausage 12 months
Spicy grilled meat dishes 4 - 6 months
Seafood Fish fillet 6 months Similar to meat, you also need to wrap the seafood in several layers to avoid the spread of the odors through other foods. You should also prepare seafood before putting it in the freezer.

Cooked fish
4 - 6 months
Smoked fish 2 months
Shellfish (clams, oysters, snails) 2-3 months
Lobster 12 months
Crab 10 months
Fresh shrimp, scallops 3 - 6 months
Cuttlefish 3 - 6 months
Fruits and vegetables Succulent fruits (orange, tangerine) 3 months Fruits and vegetables should not be stored in airtight bags or boxes. Big C suggests that you put it in a food bag and store it in a refrigerator to keep it fresh and delicious
Other fruits 9-12 months
Nuts 3 months
Vegetables 8-12 months
Drinks Milk 3 - 6 months Drinks can be stored in the freezer for a long time. However, Big C recommends using a refrigerator and buying only in moderate amount.
Fruit juice (homemade) 6 months
Fruit juice (buy) 12 months
Other foods Rice 3 months Glass containers should be used to preserve food both safely and to protect the environment
Cooked pasta 3 months
Pizza 12 months
Butter 6-9 months
Unprocessed eggs 1 month

Preservation time for each type of food is different, you should pay attention to protecting your health and that of your family in the best way.

2. Which foods should stay away from the freezer compartment?

Some foods you should not put in the freezer compartment because they will produce bacteria and degrade food. If you insist on using them, there’s a chance that you might get sick. Instead, you can use a container and store the foods in the cooler. However, you should note that the foods should be used as soon as possible to avoid damage. Below is a list of foods that should not be stored in the freezer.

  • Boiled eggs

  • Coffee

  • Mayonnaise

  • Sour cream

  • Pudding

  • Salad

  • Rice

  • Spaghetti (uncooked)

  • Cereals

  • Apple

  • Watermelon

  • Salad

  • Potato

  • Radish

  • Bean sprouts

  • Artichoke flowers

  • Some carbonated drinks

For some types of vegetables and fruits such as lettuce, potatoes, and watermelons, you should not store them in freezers, but should put them in cool compartments and use them as soon as possible to avoid damage.

Hopefully with the article above, housewives will have more knowledge to provide better care for their beloved family. However, no matter how busy you are, you should spend some time shopping for the freshest foods at Big C to ensure the most nutritional diet for your family. Don't forget that, at Big C, you will not only have a chance to unleash your inner shopping beast but also benefit greatly from our super attractive discounts. Get more information now here!