Top 3 best-selling imported beauty product at Big C
DEC 2018
Top 3 best-selling imported beauty product at Big C
Here comes the festive season. Let’s put aside all daily worries and treat yourself with our top 3 recommended skincare products. They are all the best-selling beauty items at Big C which have not only good quality but also reasonable prices.

Rejuvenate the skin with NATURIE HATOMUGI

Being the No.1 sales in Japan (2017), NATURIE HATOMUGI has been popular among Vietnamese beauty lovers. Its products, however, just can be ordered overseas at that time. Since August-2018, Big C officially becomes the original distributor of NATURIE HATOMUGI. This magic skin conditioner has been on sale since then and quickly hit our sales record.

Containing natural extract from Coix seeds, 
NATURIE HATOMUGI conditioner provides extra moisture to your skin, preventing blemishes or acne and shrinking your pores. As it is water-based, the product causes no sticky feeling when applying.  You can also use it as a sunburn healer.

For daily moisturization treatment, you are recommended to use conditioner after shower and cleansing. Soaking your cotton pad with the product or splashing it directly in your palm, then gently applying it on to your face and body. Besides, you can use 
NATURIE HATOMUGI conditioner as face mask. Let’s soak four individual cotton pads with the product, then gently stretch each pad to the appropriate length and apply on your forehead, cheeks and chin for about 5 minutes. 

This product is safe to use as it is fragrance-free, colorant-free as well as oil-free. 
NATURIE HATOMUGI is well worth your money based on its reasonable price and quality. The product is imported directly from Japan by Big C and available now at all our stores nationwide.

Feeling fresh and soft like a blooming flower with MERAKI

Exploding Big C’s sales record in just 4 days from launching, Meraki shower gel is proudly among the Top 10 best-selling items ever. Originated from Thailand, Meraki is highly appreciated for its moisturizing and brightening function.

Meraki shower gel, which contains the extract from flowers and fruits, will awake all your senses by the eye-catching design, the scent to the very first touch on 
skin. Don’t miss a chance to experience the moisturized, soft skin after a shower with Meraki. It is such a good treat after a long day at work!  
There are four kinds of 
fragrance of Meraki for you to pick. The products can be found at all Big C stores nationwide.

Experience Korean beauty with MISOUL face mask

The final of the list is MISOUL – the No.4 best-seller in face mask category.

Originated from Korea – the 
beauty paradise of many ladies, MISOUL offers consumers with four choices, including tomatoes, JEJU lemon, avocado and aloe vera – for the skin in need of moisturizing or brightening solution. This product is ideally used as the final step of your beauty routine or as the instant cure for exhausted, dehydrated skin.

You can discover all 
products of these brands, together with the hottest promotions here. Let’s go to Big C and buy now! The festive time is coming, and our products are getting sold out soon!