22 FEB, 2024

Tháng 3 - tháng của các nàng hứa hẹn những cơ hội mua sắm tuyệt vời với hàng loạt ưu đãi khủng. Từ ngày 22.02 - 13.03.2024, bạn sẽ được thỏa thích mua sắm với giá siêu tiết kiệm đến 46%, mua kèm giá sốc cùng vô vàn mã giảm khủng. READ MORE


05 NOV, 2019

Snacks can be great sources of nutrients for your children's development, so no matter how busy you are, don't miss out on these snacks! READ MORE

25 OCT, 2019

Big C suggests the top 4 acne-fighting foods to get rid of acne from the inside out. READ MORE

18 OCT, 2019

Big C has organized several points of sale for non-profit water bottles at Big C Thăng Long, Big C Hà Đông, Big C Lê Trọng Tấn, and Big C The Garden from 17/10 to 31/10. READ MORE

11 SEP, 2019

Central Group Vietnam organizes a chain of activities called “Hello new school year” to gift 2,200 present sets to children with financial difficulties READ MORE

21 AUG, 2019

As the fruit enters its season in the US, Big C will bring to you delicious imported blueberries at very competitive prices. READ MORE

16 AUG, 2019

Tidying up your living space will no longer be a tedious task thanks to these super simple tasks that Big C will show you today. Stay tuned! READ MORE

14 AUG, 2019

DIY recipes to make nutrient-dense detox smoothies to lose weight fast and cleanse your body of toxins. READ MORE

01 AUG, 2019

Big C has zoomed in on 10 different types of fruits and vegetables. Can you guess what they are in this awesome quiz? READ MORE

31 JUL, 2019

The incessant rains of Saigon are bringing unpleasant and damp odours to your home? Don’t hesitate to apply these super cool deodorizing tips from Big C! READ MORE