Cool event for a hot summer: Big C Coffee Beach Bar
APR 2019
Cool event for a hot summer: Big C Coffee Beach Bar

The taste and aroma of coffee have long been integral parts of Vietnamese culture. Wishing to honor the finest local brands which have attained international recognition, Big C, with a clear understanding on the role of coffee in every Vietnamese’ life, will organize the first coffee fair in Nha Trang from 26/04 to 01/05.


Featuring numerous novel and fun activities, the event will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience with coffee. To Vietnamese, coffee is more than just a daily drink, but behind it, there lies the joy, the passion, and a unique surprise factor that every artisan roastery puts into their product.


As you enjoy a relaxing trip to the beachside city of Nha Trang, take some time to enjoy the festival at Big C Nha Trang for a chance to:

  • Try out top-class coffees from the finest roasteries in Vietnam

  • Listen to success stories from the biggest giant in the industry

  • Explore in details your favorite local coffee brands

  • Learn more about the beautifying properties of coffee through the Coffee Beauty program

  • Put your knowledge about coffee to a test with Coffee Confetti

  • Win super hot prizes through a lucky draw contest


Let’s enjoy your energetic and meaningful holiday time with Big C at the Coffee Beach Bar! Follow Big C fanpage now to keep yourself updated on the event.