5 super cool facts about vegetables
NOV 2019
5 super cool facts about vegetables

Vegetables, both leafy and starchy ones, are familiar faces in every Vietnamese’ meal. Vegetables contain a high amount of fibre, which helps to prevent and minimize constipation. Furthermore, vegetables help you to fight back cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and boost your immunity. Certain vegetables such as pears, cauliflowers, apples, etc. are exceptionally great for losing weight.

Peeling your vegetables? That’s a big no


The peel of certain vegetables such as carrots, apples, cucumbers, etc. contain numerous nutrients, but because most people think the peels are not useful, they tend to peel the vegetables. For this reason, for most vegetables, you only have to wash them to use them afterwards. There is no need to peel.


“Onions” - An “elixir”

An onion contains more than 100 nutrients which help protect your body against asthma, reduce your blood cholesterol, boost your immunity, and prevent cancers. Even though they have a very strong odour, onions also help to kill bacteria in your mouth. 

The first tuber to be grown in space: Potatoes

NASA and Wisconsin - Madison University has conducted collaborative research to grow potatoes in space. According to NASA, potatoes will be grown in a climate which simulates that of Mars, with the average temperature at -64 degree C and the lowest temperature at -175 degree C. Aside from potatoes, NASA is also considering other leafy vegetables.

Some vegetables are toxic. Be careful when you are processing them!

You might not know this, but certain vegetables contain toxic substances. For example, mushrooms, casava roots, and bamboo shoots contain cyanogenic, a substance which causes nausea, headache, and shortness of breath. For this reason, when preparing these vegetables, you should wash and soak these vegetables in salt water for a while to remove the toxin. 

Potatoes vs bananas: Who’s the potassium champion?

Potassium is an essential mineral which helps build up muscles, improve your nervous system, your cardiovascular health, and reduce your chance of getting a stroke or cancers. Many would think that bananas are richer in potassium, but it is potatoes which contain the most potassium. A potato contains 950mg of potassium, while a banana only has 422mg of potassium.


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