Got a question?

Where is the Big C store nearest to me?
If you do not know where the nearest store is located, click on our store section and "Find my store on map"
Want to know everything about your store?
Once your store is selected, you will be directed to your stores homepage, with relevant promotions. Click on the tab “Your store" to see the latest information, access plan, promotions, services, and shopping mall details.
What are the opening hours at Big C?
All the stores of Big C open everyday (including holidays).
However, each store has its own opening hours: Choose your store and go on store page.
If i have a question or feedback, how can i contact Big C?
Big C always appreciates customers' feedback. You can contact us via 4 ways:
  • Contact receptionist directly at the reception area or our Customer service center
  • Complete and send feedback form to the store comment box.
  • Call the store : select your store and go on the tab "Your store"
  • Send us a message: contact us page
Does Big C open on Tet Holiday?
Big C Supercenter chain always opens on holidays.
However, on Tet holiday, the opening hours will be insert on the store page, our catalogues and other media tools.
Where can I find Big C promotion catalogues?
You can find promotion catalogues via:
  • At the front door of all Big C store's.
  • Delivery to your home (if your house is located in the distributing area of Big C)
  • website : choose your store and go to the tab "Promotions"
  • Subscribe to our newsletters to receive all our promotion : click here
  • SMS : send SMS "BigC + you store number" (click here) at the number 8085
How can I change my original store for the newsletter?
If you want to change your original store of the newsletter, please fill in the email you used previously and choose your new preferred store.
Note: Every individual email address is only eligible for receiving newsletter from one Big C store.
What is the difference between white price tag and yellow price tag?
White is normal price
Yellow is promotion price
How can I be updated about new promotion programs of my Big C store?
You can all our promotion on our website (promotion link), our Facebook fan page (logo with link), Zalo (logo), newsletter (logo link to subscribe newsletter) and in store.
What are the advantages of being member of the Big C Membership Program?
Being member of the Big C Membership Program, customers can enjoy many benefits when shopping at any store that is part of Big C supermarkets and C-Express nationwide, such as Member Price, join Baby Club Program, special event for members, receive promotion information by email and other benefits.
How do I get my fidelity card?
All customer from the age of 18 and above will be able to register for Big C member card.
  • In store: Go to Customer Service Desk at any Big C or C-Express stores, submit the identity card (or passport for foreigner), fill-in the registration form.
  • Online: Complete the form online, receive your code by SMS, go in store you select with your code and ID card.

After finish all the registration form, members will be received a card package, including 1 member card and 1 key fob.

Does the fob card have the same functions of Big C member card (Big Xu card)?
Yes, the Key Fob has the same functions and enjoy benefits same as the big Big C member card. To be more convenient, you can tag the key Fob into the keys to take with you.
In which store is my Big C member card (Big Xu card) valid?
Members will be enjoy the benefit of the Big C Membership Program at any Big C and C-Express stores.
How can I get the benefit from my Big C member card (Big Xu card) in store?
Members will get benefits from Big C membership program by submit the member card at cashier counter. For some other special events, member need to submit the member card, receipt, identity card or SMS at Customer Service Desk to get the gift/reward from Big C.
How much does the Big C member card (Big Xu Card) cost?
It is free of charge and free of any commitment of duration. In case of damage, members can come to Customer Service Desk to get free new card.
If I forget my card when shopping, what should I do?
Please provide ID card number or card registration number for Big C supermarket customer service staff to print temporary card. Please give Temporary Card to Cashier to record shopping information.
What to do if I lost the Big C Membership Card (Big Xu card)?
Please lock the old card to avoid losses in the Big Xu Account by contacting Big C Customer Service counter or the hotline 1800 555555. You can register a new card by carrying your ID card to Big C Customer Service counter with 10,000 VND charge.
How to pay by Big Xu as cash?
Please present Big C member card at the checkout counter and ask the cashier to deduct Big Xu in your account.
For example, your bill is 100,000 VND. You have 20,000 Big Xu in your account. You can ask the cashier to deduct 20,000 Big Xu and only pay 80,000 VND by cash.
What is the due day of my Big Xu account?
From 1st March 2017, the accumulate Big Xu program will be replace by new program “Enjoys Instant Reward with Big Xu card”. Member can enjoy more benefits with direct discount on products and other instant benefits when shopping at Big Xu and other benefits.
For members who have Big Xu balance in the account can still redeem until 30th June 2018.
Does Big C have ATM machines in the store?
We propose several ATM: VCB, Dong A, HSBC, ANZ, BIDV, ACB, Techcombank, Sea Bank...
If I want to purchase Big C voucher, where should I get it?
Big C voucher is sold at every Big C store in Viet Nam. Please come to the nearest store and contact the Central Counter or our Customer service center for purchasing voucher or you can contact 0839970253 - 0938518991.
Does Big C have free delivery service?
Yes, all our Big C store propose this service. The minimum purchase require is 200 000 VND at least .
PS: fresh food, frozen food, and dairy products are not included in the delivery service.
Does Big C have free wifi available?
Yes all our Big C store provide free wifi for customer and help them to enjoy a good shopping experience.
How can i know all services propose by Big Store?
You can easely find all services propose by select your store on the website and go on tab "Your store".
Is it possible to get Value Added Tax bill (VAT bill or Red bill) at Big C?
At all Big C stores, after you get your receipt, you can go and ask for the VAT bill at the reception area.
Which payment methods are available in Big C Store?
In all our Big C stores, you can pay by cash and by all types of cards Smartlink and Banknet.
Can I return a products to Big C?

Customers can exchange or return the products bought in a specific Big C under those conditions:

  • Product must be bought from Big C store, with the corresponding bill (can only be exchanged/returned to the Big C where they were bought).
  • Product have to be returned within 7 days of time after purchasing
  • Packages, labels should not be torn or opened, item not damaged in terms of shape and quality.

Some product can not be exchange or return for hygiene reasons:

  • Fresh food, delicatessen, frozen food, and all product that should be stored in refrigerator (ham, yogurt, butter, milk,…), underwear, items sold at clearance price.
  • Note for electronic appliance products: please contact the specific store for more information.

Would you like to apply for Big C?
To see the offers published on our site, go to the Join our team section.
If I decide to apply for Big C, is there a training program ?
Big C support all employee through Big C Academy training program to support all employee, improve their capabilities and share experiences.
I want to sell my products in a Big C store, how to proceed?
To sell your product in our store, you have to complete the form here, our team will feedback to you within 2 working days.
I want to open my shop in Big C Shopping mall, how to proceed?
To open you store in Big C Shopping mall , you have to complete the form here, our team will feedback to you within 2 working days.
I want to export my products internationally, Big C can help me?
Big C can help you to export your product. We have a Global sourcing department with all experience to support you for your project. To proceed, you have to complete the form here, our team will feedback to you within 2 working days.
I'm running a small or medium enterprise, and I want to expand my sales at regional or national level, Big C can support me?
Big C have created a dedicated program (discover SME’s program) to help you to develop your sales over Big C stores network. You have to complete the form here and tips the SME’S program option. Our team will feedback to you within 2 working days.