About us

In 1998, we opened the 1st hypermarket in Vietnam, located in Dong Nai province. Since then, our commitment stay the same: provide Vietnamese product at the lowest price.
In April 2016, Big C Vietnam joined Central Group Thailand, one of the leading retailers in the South Asia region.
Today, we operate 35 Big C Supercenter and 31 shopping mall across Vietnam, proudly run by over 8000 passionate people.

Our key dates:

  • 1998 Open Big C Dong Nai.
  • 1998 First export container.
  • 2001 1st store in HCMC - Big C An Lac.
  • 2005 1st store in Hanoi - Big C Thang Long.
  • 2008 Set up Big C Training Center
  • 2009 Guinness book world record of the longest Baguette: 111 meters.
  • 2011 Government’s Emulation Flag recognition.
  • 2013 First store powered by roof solar panel - Big C Di An.
  • 2016 Big C Vietnam join Central Group Vietnam.
  • 2017 Launched small and middle Vietnamese enterprise support program.









At Big C our commitment to community integration and sustainable development is paramount. In keeping with the spirit of our five core values: customer satisfaction, innovation, sustainability, transparency CSV (creating share value), Big C has always strived to become a model business and a responsible employer.  

With over 18 years in Vietnam market, Big C Supercenter has woven itself indelibly into the socio-economic fabric of the country. We have always kept one eye on our business performance and the other on the sustained and sustainable benefits that we bring to local communities. As such, Big C Supercenter have carried out numerous programs that have benefitted our adopted home of Vietnam, including:

  • An active participation and engagement with local communities from each of our stores nationwide.
  • Actively participating in business-enhancing activities including promotion months, mobile sales programs in remote areas, rapidly responding to price stabilization policies of the government promoting Vietnamese goods and taking part in numerous activities to help develop the retail system in Vietnam and so forth.
  • Actively launching many social and community-oriented activities to support local community.
  • Actively playing a leading role in environment responsibility in our stores and offices for a sustainable living.



Large percentage of business in Vietnam are Small and Medium Enterprises ( SMEs); therefore, the objectives of the SME’s program is to support local suppliers to enter the modern trade by improve on practices , capacity building and market linkage when moving from local to regional and national level.

We hope, through strong supports to SMEs:

  • SMEs are able to preserve and develop its unique products, become more competitive and growth.
  • Develop local economy while ensure long-term partnership with suppliers, associates and government officials.
  • Ensure high quality products for our customers and promote fair-trade with our suppliers.
  • Turning a CSV project into a sustainable project where everyone will benefits.

Interesting by SME'S program? click here.

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