Cashier (Reinforcement Recruitment for Tet 2017)

Big C Hoang Van Thu - HCM
A cashier is in charge of billing and collecting money from customers in a spirit of gentleness and respect for our customers, positive information to report, comments and suggestions from customers. A cashier is responsible for the security of information related to its holding company.
Welcome customers
  • - Participate in improving the image of the company's stores and
  • - Calendar welcome customers with smiles, words, ways to greet
  • - Support for merchandise in bags
  • - Make sure the desk cashier work is always clean and well-ventilated
  • - Provide information to customers about services, incentives, promotions ...
Recognize goods
  • - Careful manipulation of goods
  • - Recognition of goods carefully and accurately
  • - The exact price of commodities from buyers. Distinguish goods in different parts
Collect money to fund
  • - Respect the cashier procedures
Loss of control Goods
  • - Make sure the computer recorded over the entire amount of items that customers buy
  • - Make sure all items that customers bought over the counter to get to
  • - Check the consistency between the machine and the price stated in the item's value (especially the high-value items such as liquor, cosmetics ...)
  • - Reports of unusual problems with chief cashier (wrong price on aviation ...)
Other function
  • Other activities according to job requirements and assigned by superiors
  • - Proficient counts, charged
Soft Skills
  • - Communicate
  • - Dealing
Required background & Attitude
  • Education: Graduated from level 3 or higher
  • Experience: Experience working in supermarkets is an advantage
  • Attitude: Quick, calm, careful, ready to serve customers, looks pretty
  • Foreign languages: English language is an advantage
  • Computer Skills: Prioritize know how to use Word, Excel